Starter Kit

    Introductory Price

    Starter Kit includes three Functional Blends; Immunity, Focus, and Sleep. We have designed every detail of it, so you can become healthier, more vital, and more focused to fully explore your internal universe and make a meaningful contribution to the external world.

    * Starter Kit is available through invitations only at this stage 


    Reduced taste - Add it to food or beverage of your choice

    Comprehensive - Supports your body’s natural balance

    High bioavailability - Delivers right ingredients at right time

    Ecological - No fillers and completely plastic-free

    Vegan - Suitable for any and every diet

    30 Servings per Functional Blend

    3rd Party Tested
    Plastic free

    Here is what you get!


    Immunity Blend

    We created Immunity Blend to provide your body with a breadth of essential building blocks and valuable myco- and phytonutrients to meet the requirements of modern life. The Blend supports your health by nourishing your immune system with minerals, vitamins, amino acids, medicinal mushrooms and adaptogenic herbals.

    30 Servings per Unit | 700 mg per Serving

    Mixing tips: The winning morning routine is to start your day mixing Immunity with hand warm water, hint of lemon juice and sea salt. Our other favorites are on avocado, with smoothies, soups, porridge and on salads.

    Anti-viral & bacterial


    Focus Blend

    We designed Focus Blend to provide the synergistic building blocks for your long-term brain health and help you to enter the flow state when you most need it.Our guiding principle is to gently nurture the brain’s complex neural network, alleviating inflammation, and supporting neurochemical harmony.

    30 Servings per Unit | 700 mg per Serving

    Mixing tips: Enjoy with Coffee, tea or hot cacao.

    Nerve Growth
    Extends Focus
    Mental Energy


    Sleep Blend

    Sleep Blend is formulated to support several aspects of healthy and restful sleep with a two-phased approach. First, we aim to correct potential bottlenecks that may prevent you from falling asleep, and then, smoothly nudging your body and mind toward desired effects - restorative sleep.

    30 Servings per Unit | 700 mg per Serving

    Mixing tips: Our favorite is to take a Sleep blend with hand warm water, hint of lemon juice and sea salt. It also goes well with tea, yogurt, smoothie, porridge and muesli. Or just take it as it is.

    Calms Mind
    Relaxes Body
    Improves Sleep Quality
    Relieves Anxiety
    Helps falls asleep

    Easy and Fun to Use

    1. Remove the cap with care

    2.Measure one serving with the cap

    3.Add and mix serving into food or beverage of your choice

    4.Enjoy and Bloom

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Micro-encapsulation is a process by which small particles (plant extracts, vitamins, minerals and amino acids) are encased in a uniform shell formed by alginates, sorbitol and gum arabic. Micro-encapsulation protects the bioactive, and often, delicate ingredients from a wide range of environmental conditions such as heat, air (oxidation), acidity (stomach acid), etc. Our micro-encapsulated products release the bioactive ingredients in the small intestine where they get absorbed optimally.

    All our products are free from common allergens. However, it is possible that you may be sensitive to one or more ingredients in our products. If you feel any discomfort, we recommend you to stop using the product.

    Yes, our products are safe for children. However, we recommend using as little supplements with children as possible as their body is still developing. 

    If your child has nutrient deficiencies, then you may supplement with specific nutritional supplements according your medical consultants advise.

    Some ingredients in our blends may have contraindication with certain medicines. We recommend that you consult your healthcare professional before consuming any Taimi products if you are using any prescription medicines.

    It depends on the blend. The encapsulation process masks most unpleasant flavors, so the taste is rather neutral compared to a similar product without micro-encapsulation. 

    You can definitely taste the products when mixed with plain water. Flavored beverages such as tea and coffee can hide the flavors, making the blends neutral tasting.

    The Focus blend has probably the strongest herbal taste, but if you mix the powder with drinks like tea, coffee, cacao or smoothie you probably don't notice any difference. If you take it pure or with water you might not want to kiss yourself for a minute.

    Sometimes we go crazy and take them as they are, but most of the time we mix them with coffee, tea, water, smoothies, muesli, porridge, yoghurt, soups... You can try to find the best matches for yourself. We are always happy to hear what works so feel free to share your best tips with us.

    It is safe to take several servings per day. We recommend taking 1-3 servings per day. Our products are not dangerous even with larger quantities. However, if you don’t feel well or get unusual symptoms, we recommend you to contact your health care expert for more information.

    We recommend that you consult your healthcare professional before consuming any Taimi products in case you are pregnant or nursing.