From the founders of Four Sigmatic & Goodio Chocolate

    It’s Taimi to Bloom

    If you want to bring beauty into this world, contribute and love unconditionally, you have to start from yourself. We are on the same path.

    Let’s start a meaningful journey together....


    Immunity Blend

    We created Immunity Blend to provide your body with a range of essential building blocks and valuable myco- and phytonutrients to meet the requirements of modern life. The Blend supports your health by nourishing your immune system with minerals, vitamins, amino acids, medicinal mushrooms and adaptogenic herbals.

    30 Servings per Unit | 700 mg per Serving

    Mixing tips:A winning routine starts with mixing 1-2 servings of Immunity Blend with lukewarm water, a hint of lemon juice, and sea salt. Our other favorites are on avocado, with smoothies, soups, porridge, and salads.

    Anti-viral & bacterial


    Focus Blend

    We designed Focus Blend to provide the synergistic building blocks for your long-term brain health and help you to enter the flow state when you most need it. Our guiding principle is to gently nurture the brain’s complex neural network, support the neurochemical harmony, and balance your mind.

    30 Servings per Unit | 700 mg per Serving

    Mixing tips:Enjoy with Coffee, tea or hot cacao.

    Nerve Growth
    Extends Focus
    Mental Energy


    Sleep Blend

    Sleep Blend is formulated to support several aspects of healthy and restful sleep with a two-phased approach. First, we aim to correct potential bottlenecks that may prevent you from falling asleep, and then, smoothly nudging your body and mind toward desired effects - restorative sleep.

    30 Servings per Unit | 700 mg per Serving

    Mixing tips: Our favorite is to take a Sleep blend with hand warm water, hint of lemon juice and sea salt. It also goes well with tea, yogurt, smoothie, porridge and muesli. Or just take it as it is.

    Calms Mind
    Relaxes Body
    Improves Sleep Quality
    Relieves Anxiety
    Helps falls asleep

    1.Remove the cap with care

    2.Measure one serving with the cap

    3. Add and mix serving into food or beverage of your choice

    4.Enjoy and Bloom

    Beautiful Inside and Out

    Hey, Look Who’s Blooming