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Likely the most advanced dietary supplements in the world.

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Our products are suitable everyone from children to grandparents.

Quality Promice

At Taimi, we are committed to providing top-tier nutritional supplements.

Our product manufacturing begins with high-quality raw materials. Our rigorous selection process ensures that our ingredients are 100% pure, free from harmful substances, and biologically in the correct form to ensure excellent absorption.

In formulating our products, we collaborate with allopathic and functional physicians, traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medical professionals, and nutrition therapists to make our products holistic, synergistic, and effective, while also ensuring their safety. We continuously monitor the latest research to ensure the best possible results, and we are ready to develop our products even better when new research information is becomes available.

Microencapsulation protects sensitive nutrients from environmental factors, such as oxidation, temperature changes, and acidity, and promotes their absorption. As a result, our innovative products are pleasant to use, and the efficiency of their excellently absorbing ingredients is one of the highest in the world.

"You are not what you eat, but what is absorbed into you."

We have studied various microencapsulation technologies with our partners in Finland, Ireland, France, Switzerland, and Italy. We chose a French partner due to their high and consistent quality, and the natural materials they use.

However, we have not stopped there, but continue our research collaboration with our partners. Our intention is to continue to develop microencapsulation technology for our products because we constantly want to raise our own level and the standards of the entire nutritional supplement industry.

Each product batch is tested for impurities in a 3rd party laboratory. We are open with our products and tests, and the analysis results of each batch are available upon request.