Focus Blend

    We designed Focus Blend to provide the synergistic building blocks for your long-term brain health and help you to enter the flow state when you most need it.

    Our guiding principle is to gently nurture the brain’s complex neural network, alleviating inflammation, and supporting neurochemical harmony.

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    Reduced taste - Add it to food or beverage of your choice

    Comprehensive - Supports your body’s natural balance

    High bioavailability - Delivers right ingredients at right time

    Ecological - No fillers and completely plastic-free

    Vegan - Suitable for any and every diet

    30 Servings per Functional Blend

    3rd Party Tested
    Plastic free

    Ingredients for 
getting after it.

    provide your body with an extensive range of xanthines, including caffeine. Xanthines are well-known for increasing alertness. Focus Blend contains 10 mg of various caffeine strains in total per serving, which is just enough to give you that extra boost without the undesired side effects. The amount is also small enough to be safely added to your morning coffee.

    in the Focus Blend promotes an alert state of relaxation without the feeling of drowsiness, making it a perfect partner to caffeine. L-Theanine helps your mind to calm down and Theacrine increases mental clarity and energy.

    are included in Focus Blend to ensure that your mildly stimulated brain has all the necessary building blocks for neurochemical balance. We have included only bioavailable forms of each vitamin.

    dual extracted fruiting bodies increase Nerve Growth Factor production in your brain. Lion’s Mane mushroom is shown to provide long-term cognitive enhancement and protect your brain against neuro-degenerative challenges.

    helps with clear and calm focus. Both botanicals can reduce anxiety which may translate into better mental performance. Ashwagandha is used to reduce stress while Bacopa is proven to affect memory and learning positively.

    is shown to improve blood circulation in the cerebral, which has multiple positive effects. Increased blood circulation means better oxygen and glucose availability in the brain. It may help deliver other tonic compounds deeper in your brain and therefore potentiate the benefits.

    is shown to reduce inflammation in your brain, remove toxins and increase BDNF (the brain-derived neurotrophic factor). A higher BDNF is shown to reduce the symptoms of schizophrenia, dementia, depression, or compulsive obsessive disorder.

    is vital in acetylcholine formation. Acetylcholine is important for functioning memory and mental alertness. ALCAR also fuels mitochondria in your brain by supporting the delivery of lipids into mitochondria. It also increases BDNF and promotes cerebral blood circulation.

    is a dopamine precursor and can balance dopamine levels in your brain after intense stimulation. NALT may also support memory and cognition under acute stress, improve decision-making, “flow state” and creativity, as well as cognitive flexibility.

    delivers choline to your brain as it crosses the blood-brain barrier and augments its choline pool. α-GPC occurs naturally in the brain as a by-product of phosphatidylcholine (PC). When the brain needs more choline and the free choline is running low, it breaks the PC down from cell membranes and turns it into α-GPC. With exogenous choline, your brain has higher levels of free α-GPC which eliminates the need for your brain to cannibalize its cells to release choline for other purposes.

    is another form of choline that crosses the blood-brain barrier and provides choline to your brain. It contains a bioavailable source of choline, but also cytidine which converts into uridine - another potent nootropic - helping your brain to attain focus with long-term homeostasis.

    Easy and Fun to Use

    1. Remove the cap with care

    2.Measure one serving with the cap

    3.Add and mix serving into food or beverage of your choice

    4.Enjoy and Bloom

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Elviira Krebber
    Keeps me focused whenever I need to

    This stuff really works. My go-to blend when I need to work effectively. Portable and easy to take anywhere, also while traveling as you don't find high-quality energy drinks and you cannot carry drinks with you. Not the best tasting but I blend it with a small amount (2 tbsp) of liquid and drink some water/coffee after it so you really don't taste it.

    Iina Kukkonen

    I have been using Taimi for about three weeks now. I've had big problems with stress and anxiety, it's been really hard for me to calm down and focus. The Focus & Sleep Blends have been really helpful for me to survive the week. They help me calm down so that I can do my best to handle everything and give myself love.

    Carolina Casagrande
    Zen in a powder form

    I have a hyperactive personality so being present and focused doesn't come with ease. With Focus Blend I have found myself painting, playing golf, and studying for a helicopter license in a flow-like state without any negative side effects. It feels like I have a zen switch that I can turn on when I please.

    Tommi Tanttu
    I'm in love ❤️

    With Taimi Focus Blend I was able to get rid of coffee drinking and the difference is significant. I feel bright and have an even focus throughout the day without crashes that were common with coffee. Now I get more done and the quality of life has improved with this relatively small change. Thank you!

    Mari Pohjolainen
    Just WOW!!

    The Focus Blend has improved my focus beyond my expectations. Normally I'm a bit reactive, but now my mind is calmer and I'm able to complete the planned tasks. Great tool that has changed my daily routines and mindset positively. Using these products couldn't be any easier and the portoning method is simply ingenious. The packaging design is visually stunning and I'm happy to keep them at sight compared to basic supplement jars. Very humane brand that 's easy to associate with.